Sideshow 12″ Darth Vader Deluxe, GG Admiral Thrawn Bust, & eFX Wedge


The Darth Vader 12″ Deluxe figure has arrived from Sideshow! You can pick up your own at Brian’s Toys.  Also new this week is a Grand Admiral Thrawn mini bust from Gentle Giant and a Wedge Replica X-Wing helmet from eFX collectibles.

BriansToys.comCollector’s will want to check out the extremely rare 21 Back Stormtrooper on Empire Strikes Back Card! This figure is one of the rarest you will find on any card, and is one of only five graded in the entire world!

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This Vintage Carded Stormtrooper action figure is one of the rarest Stormtrooper figures you will find on any card! This special “21 Back” ESB cardback was produced in limited quantities before character figures from Empire Strikes Back were released. This figure is so hard to find that very few have been graded by AFA.

According to AFA, only FIVE 21 Back Stormtrooper figures have been graded. Three were graded AFA 80 (two with high subgrades, one with low subgrades), 1 AFA 60, and 1 AFA 30. The figure on sale now is graded a beautiful, high AFA 80, and is tied with one other AFA 80 as the best graded! The fact that this figure is also unpunched makes it a must-have for any serious collection.

Rare Boxed

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