Hasbro The Black Series Wave 3 and More

The Black Series 6-inch Wave 3 sets are back in stock at Brian’s Toys! A fresh new shipment from Hasbro has just arrived, and you can get a sealed case of four figures for only $79.99.  The case includes Han Solo, Stormtrooper, Luke Bespin, and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Also, the Vintage stuff just keeps coming! This week there is a unique 20 Back Boba Fett available, 12-Back AFA figures, and a great selection of vehicles graded and ungraded.

Modern Star Wars Toys

Black Series 6-Inch Restocked! 

Gentle Giant

12″ Jumbo Restocked! 

Mini Busts Restocked! 

Hasbro Signature Series

FX Lightsabers Restocked! 

Vintage Star Wars

Rare AFA

Carded AFA

Vehicles Boxed AFA 

12-Inch AFA 

Miscellaneous AFA 

Loose Figure AFA 

Boxed Vehicles

Ewok Plush


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