Black Series 3.75″ Wave 4 & Guardians of the Galaxy Wave 1 – Pre-Order Now! has announced their latest newsletter specials: Black Series 3.75″ Wave 4 and Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy highlight this week’s Brian’s Toys newsletter.  The Black Series Wave 4 comes with 6 new figures, including Bastila Shan, Snowtrooper, Luke Dagobah, Yoda, Dak Ralter, and Toryn Far!

Also new this week are some nice Vintage 12″ AFA and a mint-in-box Empire Strikes Pack Six Pack.

Coming Soon

Black Series 3.75-Inch Pre-Orders

Marvel Legends – Guardians of the Galaxy Pre-Orders

Gentle Giant

Mini Busts Restocked! 

Vintage Star Wars

Boxed Figures

12″ Figures AFA 

Carded AFA 

Loose AFA 



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