Big Bang Theory stars mark Star Wars Day with special episode

Reminder, The Big Bang Theory’s Star Wars Day special airs tonight, Thursday, May 1st, at 8pm Eastern/Pacific on CBS….

The stars of TV comedy THE BIG BANG THEORY are set to mark ‘Star Wars Day’ on 4 May (2014) with a very special episode.

The Big Bang Theory

Writers have teamed up with Lucasfilm special effects experts for a themed special that will air three days before the unofficial geek holiday.

In the Proton Transmogrification episode, the TV show’s regulars will celebrate Star Wars Day, and TV veteran Bob Newhart will reprise his Emmy-winning role as Arthur Jeffries.

The Lucasfilm Industrial Light + Magic technicians will recreate Star Wars sage Yoda’s home planet Dagobah for the special episode.

The Big Bang Theory’s creator Chuck Lorre says, “We were approached by the Lucasfilm people to do something to celebrate Star Wars Day, which was nice.”

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  1. That was good, not too far, and with a real story that had impact beyond just cheap laughs.

    The odd thing was the music in the background while watching the movies, it sounded a lot like antics music from the OT but they were claiming it was for Jar Jar scenes, I wondered if those scene would have benefited or suffered from the OT type of music.

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