Star Wars My M&M’s Just in Time for May the Fourth


mpire2014-113To celebrate Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you), M&Ms has released a line from their customizable MY M&M’s outlet created just for Star Wars fans. With 3 separate themed blends – each with their own color scheme, and printed characters and phrases – as well as candy dispensers, gift packs, party favors, and a customizable glass candy bowl, Star Wars fans can join the chocolate ‘m’pire their own way.

M&M’s sent this assortment of Star Wars MY M&M’s selections out to me in advance of Star Wars Day, so here’s a quick review, photographed on my coffee table with a selection of collectibles for… um, let’s say they’re for scale, suuuuure. First off, they taste like M&M’s, you almost certainly know what they taste like, they likely haven’t changed significantly since Forrest Mars first developed them almost 75 years ago. They’re milk chocolate in a colorful candy shell; they melt in your mouth, not in your hand. They make a great sound when being poured.

The glass candy bowl offers 8 different choices of Star Wars themed logos. This one is the classic “Star Wars” logo version, the bowl fits a pound of M&M’s perfectly with the lid closed. In order to maintain the integrity of the logo, hand-washing is recommended, and it’s an easy one to clean with its wide mouth.

The Character candy dispenser comes in 2 different choices, with either Yellow as Darth Vader or Red as Darth Maul. It fits about 10 servings – 1 pound – and takes coins, and comes with 2 snack-size regular M&M’s packages.

The Star Wars Acrylic container is embossed on the lid with the classic “m” and comes packed with a pound of M&M’s. In this case, it came with the Light Side assortment. The container is simple and direct, fits well, and is attractive. When full, taking the lid off may find a few candies sticking to the lid via static cling, so watch for that to avoid losing any deliciousness.

The Light Side blend comes with 3 different pre-printed designs – R2-D2 & C-3PO, Yoda with lightsaber, and “Star Wars” – on white, light blue, and dark blue, with the classic “m” on the opposite side. The dark printing on the dark blue M&M’s makes their designs a little harder to see clearly. This assortment is nice, friendly, but the colors together are not the most Star Wars-y of the selections in my opinion (there’s no unified Light Side color scheme in the Star Wars universe, so adding green for Luke’s lightsaber would have been my choice).

The Dark Side blend comes with 3 different pre-printed designs – Vader’s helmet, a Stormtrooper helmet, and “Star Wars” – on red and gray, with the classic “m” on the opposite side; this assortment also comes with black candies, but they don’t have any pre-printed design except the classic “m” logo. These came in a 1-pound bag, 10 servings.

This blend looks very good together, very Dark Side of the Force, very Imperial. I would have preferred a light-colored pre-printed design for the black candies, but that’s about all I could ask of this set. The gray candies are a nice “dark side” shade.

The Star Wars blend comes with 3 different pre-printed designs – Vader’s helmet, Yoda’s portrait, and “May the Force be with you” – on white, silver, and gold, with the classic “m” on the opposite side. These also came in a 1-pound bag.

Visually, this blend is my favorite, it really looks special and is the one I intend on keeping on my table for guests. In some light, the silver looks gray and the gold looks yellow, but under stronger light it really has a touch of sparkle and sheen.

The entire series together is fun to look at up close, to pick out your characters and logos. In a bowl all mixed up, at first glance they don’t look like much of anything other than regular M&M’s, so it’s about taking them out and sharing them, making the mixed together bowl with its Star Wars detail a conversation piece. A random handful can have quite a lot of designs and styles, all Star Wars and all fun.

The MY M&M’s Star Wars series is available from www.MyM& . Currently, the Light Side assortment is sold out but is expected to be replenished very soon.

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