Official Star Wars Instagram Unveils Hasbro Black Series Yoda

The Black Series 6-inch YodaTrue to their word, the official Star Wars Instagram account has unveiled a new Hasbro Black Series 6-inch-scale figure. From Star War: The Clone Wars actor Tom Kane comes this #BlackSeriesSelfie for Star Wars day, the reveal is done by video and the new figure is… Yoda! (Tom Kane wasn’t just Yoda’s voice on the series, he was also the narrator as well as several other characters.) Here’s the post itself.

In celebration of #StarWarsDay #Hasbro is excited to exclusively reveal the next figure in The Black Series 6-inch line, with the help of Tom Kane and his#BlackSeriesSelfie video! Don’t forget to post your own #BlackSeriesSelfie photos! #Yoda

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  1. Hmm, I’m not really feeling this figure yet. The sculpt looks nice, but the bright lime green skin and candy cane snake make it look a little cheap. And they’d be wise to include more accessories with him since he’s going to look awfully small in the box.

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