Hi-Res Black Series 6-inch Yoda, SDCC Jabba Set

Hi-res Hasbro images of the just-revealed Black Series 6-inch (scale) Yoda figure, as well as the San Diego Comic-Con Jabba the Hutt set. These are both part of the 6-inch line, but neither conforms to being 6 inches tall, so “6-inch” and “6-inch scale” are just short-hand in this case since this line doesn’t have a unique designation.

Yoda  has his Dagobah fabric robe, gimer stick, prequel lightsaber, snake, and blissl flute (it appears in the photo without its neck string, likely due to being unfinished as you can see 2 holes at the top).

Jabba the Hutt – SDCC ’14 exclusive comes in a gatefold box with diorama detailing, and includes Salacious Crumb and throne railing with hookah pipe.

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