J.J. Abrams Sends Message from Episode VII Set

From Abu Dhabi, J.J. Abrams tells fans how to win a part in the film and support Star Wars: Force For Change, a new initiative dedicated to helping children in need.

This video confirms location shooting in Abu Dhabi on what appears to be a marketplace set and gives a first look at a new alien creature.

For more information and to enter for a chance to win, visit Omaze.com/starwars.

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  1. That alien is pretty awesome – he looks like Tera Sinube crossed with a camel. (Edit: Wait, does Tera Sinube have a beak or is that just facial hair? This guy could actually be Cosian after all, as it was designed by Iain McCaig in the first place, who’s working on this film… [INCEPTION EDIT: It was actually Terryl Whitlatch.]) I very much like his whimsical appearance. He’s got smaller versions of himself in a crate on his back, as well as what appears to be either a Worrt or a Bubo-type monster in the crate above it. What a cool way to hide the performer and make a non-humanoid alien!

    The set also pretty much appears to be a Tatooine marketplace, but not quite Mos Espa – maybe we’ll see a new city, Mos Angeles. 😀

  2. It’s a cute character, but it looks like something that was created for the recent Creature Shop Challenge reality show that ran on SyFy; not something that belongs in a major motion picture in 2015. I would be very surprised if this creature gets more than a few frames of screentime.

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