Mattel Star Wars Hot Wheels Darth Vader San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive

Mattel will be releasing Star Wars themed Hot Wheels and the upcoming Star Wars Insider #150 due out on June 10 has an article revealing the first one.

Star Wars Hot Wheels

Head on over to to check out a scan of the article.

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  1. This is such an odd license. The pics of the actual vehicles are floating around and they’re cute, but they feel like a “been there, done that” situation since Disney Parks has been doing this same concept of character likenesses transformed into non-anthropomorphic cars for years with Star Wars (they also are doing anthropomorphic “Cars” characters but that’s something else).

  2. Exactly, this doesn’t bring much newness after the Disney character cars. (It’ll be cool to see the full-sized one at SDCC, though.) The article also mentions that there will be a line of normal cars with SW-inspired paint jobs in addition to die-cast vehicles from the films – the cars could be fun and unique, but going to the die-cast well yet again after Hasbro’s Titanium Series, and concurrently with the Disney Store exclusives, seems risky. I might pick up a few here and there but I can pretty safely say I won’t be a completist with any of these lines.

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