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  1. Now, this is admittedly without knowing what they will cost, SO … Without knowing what they cost …uh …

    Am I the only one thinking, “I kinda expected more.”? I mean, Jabba doesn’t look bad. The Biker Scout Trooper looks pretty darn good at first glance. The speeder bike certainly has everything there but …

    I guess what’s disappointing me about this line, is the same thing that’s kinda been a little disappointing since the start of it. It’s not that any of the figures are BAD, per say (Well … some are …). It”s just that they really just look like up-scaled versions of the normal line to me, and I REALLY want to like this line.

    That holds true especially for these two. The speeder bike itself also has what I kinda think looks like it has a sloppy paint job. Like they just had someone slap silver paint on it and called it good.

    • They’ll be $39.99 each.

      I mean, they just scratched my long-standing Speeder Bike itch about a year and a half ago with the superb TRU version, so there’s not much demand for one of these from me. Maybe that’s why it’s not too exciting? But it makes sense as their first vehicle since it’s lightweight and small.

      The paint on Jabba definitely needs some work, but it’s about par for the course from Hasbro. I’ll be trying to get the SDCC version but those are accessories that should’ve been in the mass release as well; he just looks so lonely in that boring TBS box. I like that the upcoming 3 3/4″ TBS multipacks (and the SDCC Jabba) have backdrops and it would be nice to see here as well.

  2. Definitely agree that “I expected more”. The packaged looks are very drab and empty, these boxes don’t say “higher end collectible” all empty like that with no background – the figures can get away with that because they fill the space well.

    That “CE” European Union mark on the side of the Speeder Bike downright breaks my heart, what an utter waste.

    The figures mostly don’t feel like scaled-up 3.75″ to me, they have that next-level quality going on, but that biker scout looks worse than its 3.75″ counterpart in some ways. I do however feel like you’re right about the paint on the bike feeling like a scale-up job, and Jabba also seems like no great shakes.