Star Wars: Attack Squadrons Browser-based Video Game Canceled


Announced last December, Star Wars: Attack Squadrons was supposed to be a free-to-play browser-based spiritual successor to the X-wing classic video game series, with multiplayer space battles between the Rebellion and the Empire in customizable starfighters. A closed beta was launched in January. However, it has come to light that Disney has quietly canceled the game, ending the beta and leaving a message on the game’s website saying:

We want to thank all of the fans who participated in the closed beta of Star Wars: Attack Squadrons. After much consideration, we have decided to cease development so that we can focus on other Star Wars game experiences. We truly appreciate the time you spent engaging in the beta.

While initial word on the beta was mixed, the idea of a 16-player online battle certainly held great appeal for space jockeys who have felt left out of the video game realm for far too long, what with the last notable space battle multiplayer game being 2005’s Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Screenshot (23)Fans can only hope that Disney finds a new space battle game developer soon, as it’s not yet known if the upcoming EA/DICE title Star Wars: Battlefront will take gamers back to the stars for dogfighting action, or just focus on ground combat, and it won’t be out for another year at least (DICE’s Battlefield series has generally included air vehicles in its games, so chances are good that it will have some starfighters).

As for a true, dedicated starfighter game though, that seems to still be on the back burner for now.


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  1. I must admit, I’m a little bummed that there’s still no dedicated starfighter game out there. It’s been far too long since we’ve had any meaningful starfighter action, and even longer since it was a dedicated game. Come on Disney, fill this void, it’s a realm that is ripe for the taking.

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