Prototype Boba Fett Black Series Figure Coming to Walgreens

3 has revealed the first-ever Hasbro Star Wars Walgreens exclusive: Prototype Boba Fett.


This release appears to be a redeco of Hasbro’s popular 6″ Boba Fett Black Series figure and will debut at Walgreens in the Fall.  Preorders will open at San Diego Comic Con later this month.

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  1. This Boba is a fairly straightforward choice, but the general public at the corner store might be wondering why Boba lost all his color. At least it’s more visually stunning than a ROTJ retool, which I still have to assume is coming at some point.

    This figure follows hot on the heels of Hasbro’s Marvel Venom figure, their first Walgreens exclusive. Funko is also offering an exclusive Game of Thrones Tyrion figure at the store this year, so it looks like Walgreens is starting to look for some of that sweet, sweet collector cash.