Star Wars: Force for Change – An Update from J.J. Abrams

In the final week to support Force for Change, J.J. Abrams gives an update from the London set and reveals more from Episode VII.

Support any level and you will be entered to win an advance hometown screening of Star Wars: Episode VII.

The video gives the first official look at the vehicle first glimpsed in the leaked set photos: a redesigned X-wing Starfighter based on Ralph McQuarrie’s artwork.  Note that it features blue coloring, which was planned for the starfighters in the original film until bluescreen technology forced a change to red.  The video also includes a pilot in orange flight gear with a new helmet as well as a classic Mouse Droid.

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  1. Up close, you can see the split line designed into the engines and the elements between the engine and the fuselage, while the wing itself splits differently from before, front and back instead of top and bottom.

    JJ Abrams is a bit awkward in this video, that’s different, but maybe he was going for earnest and kept the jokey feeling for the mouse droid.

  2. JJ Abrams has discovered the Power of the Mouse Droid! If there are Mouse Droids in Episode 7, then I know Disney is making this movie right!

    It is my sincere hope (no – I really am serious!) that we get a carded Mouse Droid in the first wave of Episode 7 action figures!

    Mouse Droids will one day rule the galaxy. And that may have been Darth Mouse himself in disguise (his red Sith Mouse markings masked by his make-up artist), actually spying on JJ Abrams on set!

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