San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Coverage for the 15th year is covering the San Diego Comic-Con. Coverage starts now!

San Diego Comic-Con 2014This year we have myself, JediTricks and Mr. JabbaJohn hitting the show floor and panels! Coverage has started and will update throughout the show, so check back! Friend us on facebook, follow us on twitter to stay updated or bookmark this page as we will keep it updated with the latest photos added to our San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Event Photo Gallery.






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  1. I’m a bit disappointed that nothing new for the 6″ line has been shown at all. I was hoping to be drooling over photos of a TIE Fighter Pilot and Bossk by now.

    1. Hasbro’s panel is at noon tomorrow and they should be showing the new stuff then. So far, the only things revealed here that we haven’t seen before are the Hera and Sabine figures, the Target exclusive Rebels figure-vehicle pairings (just repackaged stuff that’s coming separately), and the Rebels Angry Birds.

  2. Saw the images from the Hasbro panel and the 6″ TIE Pilot and Bossk look like crap. So, with that, my interest in the 6″ line goes ‘piff’. At least the Sideshow 12″ TIE Pilot looks pretty amazing.

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