The Darth Car: 12 Things You Need to Know About Hot Wheels’ Life-Size, 150-mph Darth Vader Car

Comic-Con 2014 opens later today, but details on many of the big reveals have been blasted across cyberspace over the past couple of weeks. Pertinent (sort of) to our milieu was Mattel’s release of its Star Wars–themed Hot Wheels cars, but even more mind-blowing is the fact that the company built a full-size, fully operational version of the Darth Vader–themed coupe, which it has dubbed the “Darth Car.”


Unfortunately, San Diego, the site of the annual Comic-Con International convention, is more than 2000 miles from our offices in Ann Arbor, so we did the next best thing and got on the phone with the Darth Car’s creators to find out more.

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  1. Based on the video in the article, that thing must be a misery to drive, the long hood with very low windshield and lift-up top, no visibility at all. Nifty yet impractical. Oh, and “missiles”?

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