SDCC 2014 Hasbro Panel Coverage And Photos

The SDCC 2014 Hasbro Panel starts at 12:00 PM PST. Update: the panel has concluded, read on for notes and photos.

panel-0081.jpgPanel slideshow images have been added to the Comic Con gallery.

The panel includes Jeff Labovitz, “Darth” Molly Kroeger from marketing, Bill Rawley from product design, and Chris Gollaher from

Star Wars Rebels
This Fall: Sinister villains, bold new heroes, a galaxy of new toys!
The influence of Ralph McQuarrie on look and feel of series is a chance to revisit his art in a new way. Lots of Easter eggs to be found: for instance, Ezra’s helmet is taken from McQuarrie designs.
Sneak peek behind the scenes – the process of an action figure.
Hera – starts with character reference from Lucasfilm to figure out proportion and color, design team works back and forth with Lucasfilm.
Hera has to be able to fit in a vehicle since she’s the pilot. Deco sheet tries to pull as much as possible from the source. Hera Syndulla and Stormtrooper Commander coming in Mission Series.
Sabine – because she has such an attitude, it took the team three tries to get her pose right to be able to stand and function and include her attitude. Includes two pistols and working holsters. Sabine Wren and Stormtrooper coming in Mission Series.

Mission Series
– IG-RM and Cikatro Vizago. Name translates to “Scarface.” He’s an underworld boss. Droid based on McQuarrie design for IG-88.
– Wulffwarro and Wookiee Warrior. Wulffwarro is leader of Wookiees.
– Ep VI Wicket and Biker Scout. Includes spear and blaster.
– Ep V Bossk and IG-88. Includes two blasters.

Saga Legends
– Rebels AT-DP Pilot. Pilots All Terrain Defense Pod.
– Rebels TIE Pilot
– TCW Jedi Temple Guard with double-bladed yellow lightsaber
– TCW Phase I Commander Gree
– Ep V AT-AT Driver
– TCW Plo Koon with wrist gauntlets

3 3/4″ Vehicles
Designer Mark Boudreaux worked on early Imperial Troop Transport in 1970s/1980s. Preliminary flat wedge design looked too much like a Snowspeeder and was changed. He’s been working on vehicles at Kenner/Hasbro since day one.
– Rebels Imperial Troop Transport. Six slots for stormtroopers, opening hatch. Extra slots for weapons storage.

Star Wars Command
Green army men style – a way to quickly build armies and encompass scope of battles. A value-driven line.
“Create battles. Destroy armies.”
Leaders will be cast in metal. Good guys painted in gold, bad guys in silver.
– TCW Clone Clash Battle Pack. Includes phase I troopers, pilot, Rex.
– Ep III Droid Destruction Battle Pack. Grievous, Battle Droids, Super Battle Droids.
– Desert Escape Versus Pack. Han and Boba, Droids, Sandtroopers

Toys R Us Exclusives
Reveal the Rebels theme. All exclusives have secrets to be revealed after purchase.
– Command Galactic Battlefield. Includes 93 figures and vehicles including remote control Star Destroyer, “Force control” gauntlet
– Command Galactic Ground Assault. Includes 51 figures
– Command Death Star Command Station. Death Star shaped carry case that can carry 100 figures, includes exclusive figure.
– Black Series 6″ Cantina Showdown Han and Greedo
– Black Series 3 3/4″ Battle on Endor. Includes AT-ST, nine figures.

Walmart Exclusive
– Hero Series Millennium Falcon

Sam’s Club Exclusive
– Hero Series Electronic X-wing Starfighter. Press R2 for sounds and lights. Exclusive
– Jedi Force Imperial Forces pack. Includes six troopers.

Target Exclusives
– 12″ Hero Series 6-pack: Vader, Clone Captain, Shadow Stormtrooper, Kanan, Ezra, Inquisitor. Mix of films and Rebels.
– Rebels Inquisitor and TIE Advanced Prototype
– Rebels AT-DP with Driver
– Rebels Phantom with Kanan Jarrus
– Black Series 6″ Imperial Shadow Squadron. Black-suited Sandtrooper, Biker Scout, Speeder Bike.

Walgreens Exclusive
– Black Series 6″ Boba Fett (Prototype Armor)

The Black Series 3 3/4″ Collection
– ANH Yavin Ceremony Leia. Includes medal. Completely new sculpt. Soft goods cape and skirt.
– ANH Chewbacca (Yavin Cermony). Slicked-back hair so he can have medal.
– TCW Clone Commander Wolffe (Desert Armor). From Season Six with soft goods kama.
– TCW Captain Rex (Phase II). New head, torso. Not the figure revealed last year for Legacy Collection.
– TCW Clone Commander Doom. From Season Six. Reports to Tiplar
– ANH Jon “Dutch” Vander. Hasn’t been done since 2004. On John D. Branon body.
– ESB Darth Vader (Yoda’s Test). Removable part of faceplate with Luke’s face underneath.

The Black Series 6″ Collection
Black Series has been a success in both scales and they see no end in sight.
– ANH TIE Pilot
– AOTC Clone Trooper Sergeant. With green stripes. Reuse of upcoming plain clone body.
– ANH Han Solo (Stormtrooper Disguise). “If we have the tools, we will build it.” Existing Han head and trooper body with new helmet and
collar piece.
– ESB Bossk. Lots of great colors will “pop” in the pack. Hanging wires are soft PVC. Includes articulated jaw. The tongue is a separate
piece to hide the articulation. Dave Vennemeyer sculpted.
– ROTJ Emperor Palpatine – coming, but not shown here. Includes completely soft goods cloak.

The Black Series 6″ Deluxe
– Jabba’s Throne Room (SDCC Exclusive). Worked closely with package team for cool expression – package looks like Jabba’s palace
entrance and includes space for carbonite Han. Hookah pipe includes sculpted chubas. Opening mouth from TCW version included here. Available in main deluxe line by himself without accessories.
– “Guess what we’re dragging in next…” inclu Wampa
– ESB Luke Skywalker and Wampa. Removable arm on Wampa. Luke will be hanging down in package and scarf is soft goods so it will hang down.
– ESB Han Solo and Tauntaun. Belly does not split open. Han includes blaster and binoculars. Tauntaun includes lots of articulation but not as much as they wanted to include.

That’s it for the panel itself. Check out the Panel slideshow images and the After-Panel Reveals.


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