All New Star Wars Rebels Previews Every Monday

The first of four all-new “Star Wars Rebels” shorts will be airing tonight after “Gravity Falls” (9:00 PM ET/PT) on Disney XD.

A new “Star Wars Rebels” short will debut on Disney XD each Monday night over the next four weeks.

Tonight’s short (embedded above) is entitled “The Machine in the Ghost“, a clever play on the concept of “a ghost in the machine”. Here the Ghost is the starship and the machine inside refers to C1-10P aka Chopper, the rebuilt astromech droid that showrunner Dave Filoni likened to a grumpy, willful housecat.

These shorts are in advance of the upcoming 1 hour Star Wars Rebels premiere scheduled for October.

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  1. I edited the post to include the link to the video. It’s very fun and feels a lot like ANH, with Kanan, Hera, and Chopper attempting to take out some TIE Fighters.

    Also, according to the show’s Facebook page, these clips are not taken from episodes but are actually standalone shorts.

  2. Thanks for the link. I’ve changed it to an embedded video, the press release had an embed code for it but it wasn’t live until this morning, and I had to run errands before I could update it.

    So these are original, very interesting. That makes them more self-contained, which is good in terms of the product we are consuming now; but doesn’t give us as good an idea of how the actual show will feel on a 22-minute budget.

    This was a fun episode, I did find some of the colloquialisms a tad too modern – including Chopper beating his head against the console – but overall it was pretty good and definitely wasn’t shy about using OT feelings and music which always works for me.

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