Sesame Street Parodies Star Wars With Star S’Mores

Previewed at SDCC this year, Sesame Street has released their parody of Star Wars online. The video, their fun yet educational take entitled Star S’Mores has Flan Solo (Cookie Monster) aided by Luke Piewalker in a quest to gain self-control so that he doesn’t devour his Cookie partner, Chewy. Some very clever little touches like Snuffleupagus as a bantha, marshmallows as Stormtroopers, and Grover as Yoda – because Frank Oz was the original puppeteer and voice actor for both Grover and Yoda when they debuted – make an already fun Sesame Street parody even more delicious.

But does giving away The Empire Strikes Back’s big twist to children who may not have seen it constitute a breach of spoiler etiquette?

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  1. This is pretty great, I could have watched another 5 minutes easily. It’s kinda funny to see Cookie Monster behind the Falcon’s dashboard but not as Chewbacca, I grew up with Hardware Wars.

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