Target Imperial Shadow Squadron 6-inch Set Available Online

the black series shadow squadron boxTarget’s exclusive The Black Series 6-inch Imperial Shadow Squadron set, featuring a black Speeder Bike, Shadow Scout trooper, and Shadow Stormtrooper Commander (that’s the Sandtrooper mold minus its backpack and in a black deco), is now available from with free shipping for the surprisingly reasonable price of $50. Considering that each figure would be $20 and the bike goes for $20 normally, that is $60 of product in exclusive paint and a large box for only $50, normally one would expect that to be a lot more money. So if the “shadow” theme is your bag, this seems like an easy purchase at $50 with free shipping, get it at now.

* And no, we don’t know why they decided the background image should be Docking Bay 327 complete with the Millennium Falcon.

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