Get Decades of Star Wars Comics on Humble Bundle Right Now


Humble Bundle, where digital media meets pay-what-you-want meets charitable contributions meets DRM-free multi-viewing options, is currently offering a Star Wars comics bundle worthy of envy thanks to Dark Horse. For the next 9 days, so until October 28th, the Humble Book Bundle is Star Wars comic books supporting the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund charity, Dark Horse, and Humble Bundle… and you decide who gets what amount when you buy. The digital comic files are offered DRM-free in PDF, ePub, CBZ, and a high-definition PDF, so they can be used on essentially any reader device or computer.

76d137616ea90e477ec6007d79f382acb42deb00For any amount you choose, you can have the Star Wars Omnibus volume 1 – which collects the first 27 Star Wars Marvel 1977 comic books, 494 pages’ worth of Star Wars history – as well Dark Horse’s original Crimson Empire saga, Darth Maul: Death Sentence, and more. A total of 1,134 pages (so close!) for whatever you want to pay.

If you spend more than $10.49, you add Knights of the Old Republic vol. 1, Legacy vol. 1, and a few more. That’s another 632 pages of Star Wars comics, 1,766 pages total at this tier for under $11.

And if you spend over $15, you get last year’s Star Wars: Volume 1 – In The Shadow of Yavin collection. That’s another 152 pages, and some of the most recent Star Wars comics, for $15.

5b399d16fd2ebf4b76982717f51d281880d80d97All together, that’s 1,918 pages, $190 worth of Star Wars comics for almost nothing!

Even better, as the sale goes on, more comics will be unlocked and available to existing buyers automatically. And like all Humble Bundle purchases, you can access and download your digital media any time in several formats from the Humble Bundle website.

Check this all out at the Humble Star Wars Comics Bundle presented by Dark Horse Comics, and enjoy a ton of digital comic books. This offer only lasts until the end of next week, so get your pile of digital comics today!

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  1. I added page counts to the article, nearly 2000 total.

    This is my second Humble Bundle, the first was also comics – IDW Transformers – and both have been very satisfying because I’ve always thought about picking up some of these titles, and this is cheaper than any other method while supporting a worthy cause.

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