Star Wars Rebels New Episode Tonight – Fighter Flight

ZEB THE MUSCLEStar Wars Rebels is all new tonight, October 20th, on Disney XD at 9pm with the episode “Fighter Flight”. A small portion of this episode was part of the Star Wars Rebels panel footage at San Diego Comic Con, with Zeb and Ezra stealing a TIE Fighter.

The official synopsis reads “After being annoying to each other, Hera sends Ezra and Zeb on an errand to gather supplies, but they pull a crazy stunt and steal a TIE fighter instead. When the Empire destroys the home of a farmer who used to be friends with Ezra’s parents, they imprison him and are en route to a labour camp. The TIE fighter proves useful when Ezra and Zeb have to work together to rescue the innocent farmer and his wife.”

Star Wars Rebels – Fighter Flight – airs on Monday, October 20th at 9pm on Disney XD.




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