Target-Exclusive SW Rebels Vehicles with Figures Released

target-exclusive vehicleIt’s well past time we had some Hasbro collectibles news, don’t you think? Hasbro’s Star Wars Rebels vehicles have been trickling out since the series’ launch last month, but  now Target has a couple exclusive packs that include their appropriate figure packed in for the same price… and actually LESS than that price right now thanks to a sale. For $25 and right now on sale for $23.74, the Target-exclusive Phantom Attack Shuttle comes with Kanan Jarrus and his lightsaber, while the Target-exclusive TIE Prototype comes with The Inquisitor with his lightsaber – these are the regular, retail versions of each toy, but with a nice little savings if you plan on buying those Saga Legends main line figures anyway.

These vehicles are pretty nice, a step up from the new, small, simple Jedi Starfighters and Slave I released last year in this Class 2 Vehicle series. These Rebels vehicles regularly go for $25 without a figure in the regular retail release. As you can see, the packaging is tri-language and has a Target-exclusive sticker applied to the front, so it’s possible this multi-pack will end up in foreign releases as well.

The above image is the one I found in West Los Angeles, California, and reports are showing up from all over. This is part of Target’s big push on exclusives, in Star Wars they also have The Black Series 6″ Shadow Trooper set, the 12″ Hasbro Rebels/OT 6-figure multipack, and the Star Wars Hot Wheels 5-vehicle multipack which includes the exclusive-deco battle-damaged Stormtrooper car.

Note that the AT-DP with Driver is not mentioned above. It appears that while Hasbro showed that in their Comic-Con panel this Summer as part of the series, there’s no evidence that it’s included

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  1. Maybe the AT-DP was delayed since the figure isn’t scheduled out until the second wave of Saga Legends – though with the delays in the main line, it’s a miracle that any of these are out at all.

    The TRU exclusive Mission Series: The Ghost set also includes tri-logo packaging. Perhaps Hasbro is going to stick with this for exclusives now?

    1. It could be a delay, but it was I believe scheduled with these figures.

      Tri-lingo, not tri-logo (tri-logo were packages that had the logo translated into 3 languages). It seems weird that they’d try to scrimp and save on exclusives which are supposed to represent specific retailers well.

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