Harrison Ford Injured in Small Plane Crash

crashReports are coming in that Harrison Ford was seriously injured when his 1940s’-era trainer prop plane crashed at Penmar municipal golf course near Santa Monica airport in Southern California. Ford, the only person aboard the craft, was reported as “alert and conscious”, having suffered moderate trauma, and was taken to the hospital.

Penmar is a block southwest of Santa Monica airport and is surrounded by trees and park grounds, and is ringed on all sides by residential homes. The airport has had a fair share of crashes over the years, and it’s said that Ford’s vintage plane hit a tree as it came in before coming to a stop on its belly.

Source: CNN.com

Update: a family member reports that Ford is “fine” and just suffered some lacerations.

Source: NBC 4 LA

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  1. I really hope he pulls through, they’re talking critical condition right now but I’m hoping that’s overhyped. It looks pretty rough though.

    I grew up in that neighborhood, there are fairly regular crashes from the airport unfortunately, but most don’t come down in the golf course/park because it’s significantly downhill from the end of the runway, usually that creates an updraft; they either crash east of the airport on approach or make it out over the beach.

    SMO is a historic airport, but unfortunately also one with a history of accidents.

  2. I’m glad he’s alright. Crashing in those small planes can be worse than crashing in a jet liner. Almost 20 yrs ago we lost a very respected and highly regarded member of our football team in a small plane crash similiar to this.

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