Star Wars to Release 20 Books in Journey to The Force Awakens

The books, coming from various publishers, will continue the story after Return of the Jedi and hint at plot points from The Force Awakens.


Disney Publishing Worldwide is managing the release through its own imprints as well as seven outside companies, offering books for fans at every age.

Del Rey will release Star Wars: Aftermath, their first post-Return of the Jedi novel in the new canon.

Marvel Comics will release a story told from C-3PO’s perspective as well as one that shares its name with the publishing program: Journey to The Force Awakens.

Other works will retell the stories of the original trilogy from new perspectives and for new audiences.

Get the full story at Entertainment Weekly.

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  1. Most of this is pretty expected, and had been rumored for a while, and feels similar to previous films’ tie-ins. But I find it interesting that these books won’t be directly related to the plot of the film—I guess they really want to keep its secrets. I’m guessing most of these will hit on September 4 with the other merchandise, and the novelization will come closer to the film’s release.

    Who will they get to write Aftermath? A good choice could be Timothy Zahn to bridge the past and present of the books and potentially win back the angry EU fans.

  2. Who will write it? Why, John J.J. Walker Jonah Jamison Jackson, of course! Does this mean 20 books from now until Dec. 2015? There’s the Disney over-saturation we’ve come to know…

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