Announces Major Updates to Their Website

Brian’s Toys is excited to announce major updates to their website.  After months of hard work, customers will experience awesome value and a greater customer service experience.

Below are some of the new features with plenty more to come in the coming months!

  • Best Offer – Help them find a price that’s right for you on any Vintage item.  Visit any vintage product page and click on the “Make an Offer” button.  Suggest a price and we will begin negotiating.  It’s that easy!
  • Live Chat – Answers to your questions are only a click away.  Find the chat function in the bottom-right corner of every page.  Representatives are available 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST.
  • Free Shipping – Customers in the United States can enjoy domestic shipping for any order over $35. Best of all, they have no plans for this deal to expire!
  • In Stock Guarantee – Brian’s Toys want customers to have confidence in the accuracy of our online store’s inventory.  For a limited time only, they are offering customers a free Jocasta Nu action figure should an item they order is found to be unavailable.  This special guarantee is valid until June 15th, 2015. Limit one per customer.
  • Huge Vintage AFA Restock – This one is a biggey.  They’ve added over 300 freshly graded Star Wars Vintage collectibles.  Visit to find this huge amount of inventory before it’s gone!

Brian’s Toys hopes that every customer will enjoy these new additions to the website.  Visit the Brian’s Toys website now or feel free to contact them at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.  Don’t forget to sign-up for their weekly newsletter at

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