Gentle Giant General McQuarrie Celebration VII Exclusive Mini Bust

After the destruction of the Death Star at the Battle of Yavin, General Pharl McQuarrie was personally selected to head up construction of a new Rebel base on the ice planet of Hoth and placed second in command of the facility upon its completion. Echo Base offered the alliance a much-needed chance to rest, re-equip and re-group after the Yavin campaign.

The respite was short-lived however when the bases location was discovered by the Imperial fleet and quickly fell under a vicious siege led by Darth Vader and his elite ground forces. McQuarrie was instrumental in coordinating a delaying defensive action against the overwhelming Imperial forces and afforded the vast majority of personnel and equipment time to escape and fall back to a rallying point.

Portrayed by legendary concept artist Ralph McQuarrie for a brief cameo in The Empire Strikes Back, this exclusive General McQuarrie mini-bust from Gentle Giant Ltd. is a celebration of his immeasurable contributions in shaping the Star Wars universe. Limited to only 500 pieces, this piece features an exacting likeness of Mr. McQuarrie with fine details including cold-weather issue command parka, command gauntlets, insulated watch cap with com unit, face wrap and anti-glare goggles.

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