Star Wars Celebration White Bantha Gift Exchange

We all have a Star Wars item that needs a new home.  It could be that Jar Jar cup that aren’t sure where or why or how you got it or that Darth Vader tea cozy that you wish you liked more.  Now you have the chance to trade in your unloved/underappreciated Star Wars items and take home something else in it’s place!

Star Wars Celebration

For the first time ever, the Collector’s Lounge is hosting a White Bantha Gift Exchange.  Space is limited, please RSVP to make sure that you get in on this by emailing [email protected].
When:  Thursday, 4:15 PM
Where:  Collector’s Lounge
Details:  Bring a wrapped Star Wars item.  It can be ANYTHING.  Something new, something old, something hand made.  The price limit is $20.  The first person (chosen randomly) will draw a number and pick the corresponding gift.  They can choose to keep that gift, or pick something else from the pile.  The next person can either take the first person’s gift or pick a new gift from the pile.  This continues until everyone has had a turn.  A gift can be stolen twice.  Once it’s stolen twice, the gift is locked and cannot be stolen again.

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