SDCC 2015 JAKKS Pacific Panel, First Appearance Boba Fett & Holo Darth Vader

SDCC-Boba-Fett-JAKKS--This year JAKKS Pacific’s presence at San Diego Comic Con will be bigger and better than before with 2 different SDCC Star Wars items, a Legend of Zelda item, and their first ever Collector Fan Panel featuring a preview of upcoming product from across their toy portfolio including all their Big Fig lines in 20-inch , 31-inch Massive and 48-inch Colossal scales; as well as World of Nintendo and Warcraft master toy lines. First Appearance Boba Fett ($50.00, limit one per customer) will be sold in the Lucasfilm Pavilion in the JAKKS area where you can also come to pick up an amazing Star Wars action figure art card with photography by Stephen Hayford; while Holo Vader will be sold at the Entertainment Earth booth with pricing details coming soon.

SDCC-Vader-JAKKS-SDCC HOLO VADER sold at the Entertainment Earth Booth, only at SDCC

During the Battle of Hoth, Darth Vader maintains communications with his field commander General Veers via hologram transmission. Veers informs Lord Vader of the imminent destruction of the Echo Base shield generator and that Vader can now begin his assault.

NEW! From JAKKS BIG FIG 20” collection, and available first at SDCC 2015, comes Hologram Darth Vader! He features 7 points of articulation and collector level deco to help recreate the hologram effect of Vader’s infamous command. Want more? At 20” tall, this JAKKS Big Fig is the first time a Hologram Vader figure is “in scale” with the size of the actual “hologram” from the film! Letting you pose Vader on your desk just like he is giving orders right to you! Recreate the adventure of the Empire Strikes Back, only with JAKKS 20” BIG FIG Hologram Vader.


SDCC First Appearance Boba Fett $50.00, limit one per customer, sold ONLY at SDCC at the JAKKS booth in the Lucasfilm area

Boba Fett, Legendary Mandalorian Bounty Hunter has a long and colorful history. While many fans remember him from The Empire Strikes Back as well as his animate debut in The Star Wars Holiday Special, his true first appearance was as a member of the Star Wars delegation in the San Anselmo County Fair on September 24, 1978! At the time, Lucasfilm was headquartered at 52 Park Way in San Anselmo, about twenty minutes north of San Francisco. As part of harvest parade, Darth Vader and for the first time in public, Boba Fett, marched throughout the street waving to fans of all ages. The armor was worn by assistant film editor Duwayne Dunham and featured several noticeable difference such as the brightly colored blue jump suit, yellow and red armor highlights, as well as the “tribal marks” on his helmet; all altered for his later film appearances. JAKKS Pacific is excited to celebrate this legendary character and offer an articulated action figure of First Appearance Boba Fett or the first time ever!

More details on the pricing of Holo Vader and the JAKKS Pacific panel coming soon.

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  1. That Fett is excellently esoteric. Up until now, I didn’t even know the colors because I had only seen the black-and-white photos of the parade, I got it confused with the white armor version (I had seen color photos with those markings at the top of the mask, but didn’t put 2 and 2 together).

    Vader being in IRL scale is cooler than it oughta be.

  2. Boba’s coloring is similar to the costume that was shown to Kenner and used as the basis for their vintage figure and cardback art—note the red and yellow wrist gauntlets. He also has the glove circles that were all the rage on the first POTF2 figure. The biggest difference is the “jaig” eyes, which were later added to Captain Rex’s helmet. I’d love to see Hasbro do a version with this coloring and eyes, but I have no desire for a 20″ version.

    I love holo figures and I love pieces that can double as props, so hopefully I can get the Vader. I won’t be able to attend SDCC after all, but lugging that thing around would be a pain anyway.

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