Hasbro Star Wars SDCC Panel Details

2015071095122716Forum user and friend of the site Bikerscout is sending in info from the Hasbro Star Wars Comic-Con panel going on right now (noon, July 10th), including the Fan Choice 6″ figure reveal. The panel has ended (12:35pm PST), so read on for the details and take a look at that massive 6″-scale The Force Awakens TIE Fighter.

Voice actress Ashley Eckstein special guest on the panel, revealing her Rebels 6″ Ahoska figure.

Other reveals include…

Jango Fett 6″ figure.

Realistic Kanan Jarrus 6″ figure.

Luke ANH Farmboy 6″.

Rebels 3.75″ new Inquisitor figure.

Fan choice 6″ figure poll reveal is… Darth Revan.

Hasbro will also be doing a Sabine Wren 6″ figure as a bonus, with helmet and separate without-helmet heads.

Force FX Sabers with new technology, Vader and Yoda. Clear stand included holds saber at the middle and gives a floating effect.

Star Wars The Force Awakens First Order TIE Pilot Elite 6″ figure

And a big First Order TIE Fighter to go with that TIE Pilot.

First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter on display, it’s huge:


And it looks like that’s it for the panel, no questions, it ended abruptly after only half an hour.


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  1. How odd that they shortened it. They were even asking for questions on Twitter earlier today.

    I’m excited for 6″ Jango. Luke could turn out well or cruddily, especially since they’ve opted for a soft goods shirt. Kanan isn’t the most inspiring Rebels choice, but Sabine should look pretty awesome, and I’d like to see a well-painted Zeb at this scale. Revan…I’ve said enough about Revan, what a boring choice. Glad to hear Fans’ Choice will be annual, though.

    Both Hasbro and Sideshow are opting for ginormous TIE Fighters this year; that’s interesting. That’s the only TFA item Hasbro revealed, and we have less than two months to go before Force Friday. That’s nuts! They’ll either reveal them at D23 next month, via Pulse, or, most likely, via leaked images.

  2. Boy they opened a huge can of worms if they start releasing 6″ vehicles. That will get crazy expensive and will require most of us to add an addition onto our homes…

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