Plenty New Episode 7 Photos from EW

EP7-30985-1377-1378-04_0Entertainment Weekly has up a gallery of 13 new photos from The Force Awakens, as well as an interview with director JJ Abrams, and a side feature on Kylo Ren. From a close-up on Captain Phasma’s armored mug to R2 & 3PO looking just a little more worn to Abrams & Kasdan sitting on the set talking script action, and plenty in between, these latest photos tease the new Star Wars movie just days before Disney-Lucasfilm shows off at the D23 Expo in Anaheim, CA.

And is Kylo Ren a space-hipster? Maybe, from the way Abrams describes it in the feature, but Kylo will likely still stab you in the eyes if you say that to his face.

The Entertainment Weekly site is of course having a little trouble right now over being slammed with traffic from Star Wars fans across the globe, but a little patience yields all the content. Check out’s photo gallery, the Kylo Ren feature, the JJ Abrams interview, and a preview of the cover.

All this teases the August 28th Entertainment Weekly, the Fall Movie Preview, hitting newsstands this Friday.

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