More Leaked Hasbro The Force Awakens Carded Images

After this morning’s auctions, it appears the floodgates are now open.  Leaked images of Hasbro’s TFA lines, both 3.75-inch 5POA Armor Builders, and 3.75-inch 5POA build-an-accessory figures have blasted across social media and into your hearts, right gang? Poe, Finn, Rey, Kylo Ren, Luke Bespin, Resistance Trooper, some… guy — wait, who are these figures again?

“It’s happening!” says the Ron Paul meme, as Hasbro proclaims “this is why we can’t have nice things.”

First, on Twitter, Chuck Dukas brings us these images of 3.75″ 5POA Finn in his Jakku look and the First Order Flametrooper, as well as a cardback image of the Flametrooper with an as-yet-unknown character as the co-sell, Constable Zuvio (and since this line covers all of Star Wars, not just the new movie, this character may be from another source such as SW Rebels):

And then on Facebook, the Star Wars: Anything & Everything group’s Shawn Shepherd showed off the figures he bought today at Walmart, looking like what could be everything 3.75-inch 5POA Hasbro’s planning to hit us with next month. Here’s the list our own JabbaJohn came up with for the 3.75-inch 5POA Armor Builders:


Armor Builders – Desert
Luke Skywaker (ROTJ)
Boba Fett (ESB)


Armor Builders – Jungle
First Order Stormtrooper

11873504_10206203738745902_552274068083259973_nArmor Builders – Snow
Kylo Ren
Finn (Starkiller Base)

Armor Builders – Space
Poe Dameron (Jacket)
First Order Flametrooper

(Anybody else getting a “Captain Power” vibe from these? Earth, fire, wind, water; now where’s heart?)

– And the list for the 3.75-inch 5POA build-an-accessory-because-why-not figures:

First Order Flametrooper
Constable Zuvio
Finn (Jakku)

Captain Phasma
Kylo Ren
Luke Skywalker (Bespin)

First Order Stormtrooper
Rey (Starkiller Base)
Darth Vader (Bespin)

Poe Dameron (Pilot)
Resistance Trooper
First Order TIE Fighter Pilot

And another look at the build-an-accessory figures on Facebook from T-bone’s:


Well, the genie’s out of the bottle now. Who could have guessed shipping product to stores to warehouse for a whole month would have led to random leaks after creating demand by hiding all instances from public view even through standard channels, how could this possibly have happened? Star Wars fans are known for their patience and ability to avoid looking at spoilers and leaks of any and all kinds, after all.


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  1. Some sites are now reporting that these were purchased via Walmart, which would be incredibly surprising and troublesome for WM since their computer has always in the past locked out pre-street-date sales. Ooops.

  2. Good lord, what outrageously good-looking card art that is. Maybe I’m reacting to The Black Series, but I love how colorful these are. I wonder if the art is from Hasbro specifically or if we’ll see it from other licensors.

    I really dig the Resistance Trooper’s design. The helmet looks like the ROTJ Y-wing pilot, and the ANH Yavin ground crew.

    There’s still the 3 3/4″ two-packs (Mission Series, or whatever they’ll be called for TFA). I hope BB-8 and General Hux show up there, if they’re not in the next basic waves.

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