Hasbro The Force Awakens The Black Series 6″ Figures Revealed

Hasbro Star Wars: The Force Awakens The Black Series products keep popping up and now we have a look at the 6″ figures!
Thanks to TheUltimateCollector1 who posted these photos and video.

The first wave consists of:
  • Finn (Jakku) #01
  • Rey (Jakku) & BB-8 #02
  • Kylo Ren #03
  • First Order Stormtrooper #04
  • Chewbacca #05
Who is excited for September 4th to pick these up?
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4 years ago

Wow! These match the five figures we saw in a leak months ago. This is the first leaked BB-8 figure.

I’m glad to see the figures posed in a much more dynamic way than previous TBS releases. The big photo is nice, but I wonder if it will obscure too much of the figures.

Now we know that BB-8 is Poe Dameron’s droid. He appeared in a blue X-wing model on display at Celebration, but this is the first confirmation that he starts the film belonging to Poe. I wonder if they were separated during a crash on Jakku?

4 years ago

Seen these over at superherohype. May be the only things (Finn, Rey, Kylo) I buy during the madness. I don’t even collect the 6″ line & it’s the only thing that looks good.

4 years ago

Not too keen on the package front… put the large artwork on the back. A smaller one would do fine on the front with more window viewing.