Legendary Yoda Interactive Robotic Toy Video

Spin Masters-107Spin Master brought their upcoming 16-inch Legendary Yoda interactive robotic toy to D23 Expo 2015, and we have video of the Jedi Master in action using his lightsaber accessory, then using his cane. Yoda can move, listen to and interact with the player, and has interchangeable accessories that change his demeanor. According to the Legendary Yoda Jedi training manual, Yoda has 3 modes: Wisdom: “give Yoda his cane and he will share insights into the way of the Jedi… and the dark side.” Warrior: “when Yoda holds his lightsaber, he will share his mastery of Jedi combat techniques.” and The Force: “when Yoda’s hands are free, he will instruct you in the mysteries of the Force.” Yoda can speak 115 phrases, can listen for key phrases, can answer yes or no questions, and can sense movement and react to it by moving away. Although Spin Master’s display had Yoda on a high table, the training manual cautions against keeping him away from dangerous heights, suggesting use on the floor. Legendary Yoda will be released┬áSeptember 4th, and has an SRP of $179.99.
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