Star Wars Rebels Returns TONIGHT At 9:30pm On Disney XD


Although June was the season 2 premiere movie “The Seige of Lothal”, tonight – October 14th – starts off season 2 episodes with “The Lost Commanders”, 9:30pm EDT/PDT on Disney XD. Here’s a look at the meeting of a familiar friend from tonight’s episode

The Rebel crew is given a mission by Ahsoka Tano to find and recruit a veteran war hero whose experience and leadership would make him an excellent ally.  However, when the crew discovers the hero to be an old clone, trust issues put the mission in jeopardy. Our heroes meet ex-clone troopers Captain Rex, Wolffe and Gregor on tonight’s episode, as seen in the clip below:

Also, here’s an interview with Sarah Michelle Gellar on her Rebels character, a Inquisitor called the Seventh Sister.

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