Top Trump Deathstar Tin Now Available

The brand new Top Trumps Deathstar Tin is now available for Star Wars fans everywhere. This collectable tin contains not one, but two packs of Star Wars Top Trumps with interesting facts, ratings and images of all of your favourite characters from Episodes I-VI! Which Sith Lord will have the biggest Dark Side stat, does Luke Skywalker have the best battle skills and what are Yoda’s true strengths?


All 60 cards are contained within the ultimate planet destroyer, the Deathstar! The limited edition collectors’ tin is designed to carry your cards around in an easy and portable fashion allowing fans to play Top Trumps any time in any place. Top Trumps was launched in the UK in the 1970’s and is widely regarded as a fun, easy to play educational tool. Aside from reinforcing numeracy and literacy skills via the game play, Top Trumps also promotes social inclusion, and develops self-confidence as kids, regardless of demographic, intelligence, or ability can confidently utilise their knowledge about the content they love.

For more information on the Top Trumps Deathstar Tin, and the whole range of Star Wars Top Trumps including Tournament, Rebels, Clone Wars and Starships please visit

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