Star Wars Rebels Returns With 1-Hour Premiere

Star Wars Rebels season 3

Star Wars Rebels season 3 hits the airwaves tomorrow, Saturday, September 24th, on Disney XD at 8:30pm with a special 2-part season premiere, “Steps into the Shadow: Parts I and II”, which is also the debut of Grand Admiral Thrawn into the new canon.

As Kanan deals with the aftermath of his encounter with Maul, Ezra is tasked with leading rebel missions seeking ships, supplies and new recruits eager to join the cause. With the pursuing forces of the Empire now under the direction of the cunning Grand Admiral Thrawn, the rebels must take greater risks, forge unlikely alliances and face foes from past in their efforts to support the growing rebellion.

Led by a more powerful Ezra, the rebels break an old friend out of prison to help acquire ships for the fleet, but Kanan discovers that Ezra’s new skills come from a dark place when “Star Wars Rebels” returns this SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 (8:30 p.m., ET/PT) on Disney XD.

Some clips from “Steps into the Shadow”…

Kanan and the Bendu:

Hera and Grand Admiral Thrawn:

Ezra and the Sith Holocron:

And here’s an interview with the cast on what’s to come in season 3:

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