First ‘Rogue One’ Reactions: The Force Is Strong with the ‘Star Wars’ Spinoff

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has finally been unveiled. After years of anticipation, the world premiere of the first-ever Star Wars spinoff film was held last night in Los Angeles, and thus the first reactions to the finished film have surfaced. While the Star Wars moniker certainly brings its own baggage, Rogue One has also been plagued by reports of production troubles and extensive reshoots, so fans are no doubt curious to see how the film stacks up quality-wise.

So, what’s the verdict? Pretty darn positive! Yes indeed, after months of trepidation due to Lucasfilm bringing in writer/director Tony Gilroy to consult on the reshoots, it sounds like the studio delivered a worthwhile Star Wars movie in the end. After all, when you’re a company with the backing of Disney and some serious resources at your disposal, why not do everything you can to ensure the film is the best it can possibly be?

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