Hasbro Correction: 6-inch R5-D4 Exclusive to GameStop

STAR WARS THE BLACK SERIES 6 INCH 40th ANNIVERSARY Game Stop Exclusive R5 DR (in Pkg)Hasbro has sent out a correction from their Toy Fair panel on The Black Series’ exclusive 6-inch R5-D4. The figure was originally stated to be another retailer’s exclusive, however they are asking the word to be put out that the figure will be exclusive to GameStop. As the Hasbro official high-res photos have it titled “STAR WARS THE BLACK SERIES 6-INCH 40th ANNIVERSARY Game Stop Exclusive – R5-DR“, it appears GameStop was always the intended recipient of this exclusive figure and someone merely misspoke at the panel. (Now if we could only figure out who R5-DR is, is Skippy the Jedi Droid also a doctor?)
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