‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Bad Lip Reading Features Mark Hamill as Han Solo, BB-8 Speaking, and So Much More

“Star Wars,” in all its glory and popularity, has always been a fun target for parodies, from “Spaceballs” to “Family Guy.” Now, the YouTube channel “Bad Lip Reading” is at it again, replacing original dialogue from “The Force Awakens” to create hilarious conversations in their newest video, which you can watch below. Oh yeah, and Mark Hamill provides the voice for Han Solo, perfectly channeling his inner Harrison Ford.

Coming off the recent (and annoyingly catchy) Yoda “Seagulls” song, “Bad Lip Reading” creates hilarious scenarios where BB-8 can speak, Kylo Ren reaches new levels of creepy, and Leia can’t seem to make much sense at all. Rey and Finn are also subject to the alternate dialogue, with Jessica DiCicco (“Adventure Time”) voicing the former.

“Bad Lip Reading” has redubbed other Star Wars films in the past, such as “A New Hope” and “Return of the Jedi.” You can check out their channel here.

Source: Yahoo! News

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