Original Star Wars Memorabilia Available at Auction

Iconic pieces of Star Wars and sci-fi history are available to own ­in an upcoming three-part auction by Profiles in History available via eBay Live Auctions.

The third day of the auction on June 28th features a stunning selection of memorabilia, including:

  • Star Wars: an original R2-D2 Unit, Mark Hamil’s lightsaber, historic photos taken during the filming of Episode IV, and the legendary Darth Vader Helmet, and more
  • Star Trek: Lenord Nimoy’s Spock Ears, William Shatner’s personal computer, a Tribble, Chekov’s original Uniform, Data’s original uniform, and a classic Klingon phaser from the 60s, among others
  • Props from movie classics, such as Rick Morans helmet from Spaceballs and a T800 animatronic head and the original leather jacket Arnold Schwarzenegger wore as Terminator

The three sales are hosted on eBay’s Live Auction platform, allowing eBay’s 169 million active buyers the opportunity to bid on an extraordinary selection of unique items in real time. Details:

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