Hasbro Resistance Ski Speeder and Poe Dameron Figure


UK site SmythsToys.com has a first look at the new Hasbro Resistance Ski Speeder and Poe Dameron Figure!

Thanks to everyone that wrote in pointing it out!


  1. I have not wanted to open mine yet. But official pictures released show Finn piloting one too. I wonder if Hasbro will release this with Finn as well. I'm going to wait a while instead of get another po because the Finn could have a headset sculpt on him and sort of be a new figure

  2. I might have to get one more for Rose. I have one for Finn and 1 for one for Poe. I’m sort of thinking that I would build a big diorama if they make the gorilla walkers and I want the Tie Fighter chasing them

    it’s doing the white with the red streaks like blood in the salt that appeals to me I think that looks cool.