Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi Standalone Film Reportedly in the Works


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Star Wars Obi Wan Kenobi Movie

The Oscar-nominated director behind Billy Elliot and The Hours is in early talks to helm a Star Wars stand-alone movie centering on Obi-Wan Kenobi, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Sources say talks are at the earliest of stages and that the project has no script. If a deal is made, Daldry would oversee the development and writing with Lucasfilm brass.

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  1. So I was looking for a thread about Obi-Wan in the movies. I mean a new movie.

    Now the Han Solo movie looks amazing! I have to admit that I was more excited about an Obi-Wan movie, than anything. Now the Han movie will be quite fun.

    These 2 stand-alone movies will be my favorites about my favorite characters more so than the sequel trilogy.

  2. So I have done some figuring. The movie takes "speeder Han" and current figure of Qi’ra from when they are 18 to when they are 24. (If she and Han are the same age)

    I read that the movie takes place over 6 years. And it goes up to 5 years before ANH.

    The general consensus is that Han Solo is 10 years older than Luke and Leia who are 19 in ANH. That’s 29 years old for Han.

    Right now, I don’t want a replacement for Harrison Ford during the OTC.

    It’s an industry standard for someone to sign for three movies I am told. I have no idea if that is correct.

    I DO want to know if the contract is valid 4 more than 20 years?

    Han is 33 in ROTJ and 67 in TFA, by one timeline.

    Can’t Alden play him from age 44 to age 50-something or so, and we have a new Luke in his 40’s as Jedi Master of Ben Solo (age 10 into late teens, similar to Anakin’s prequel journey)?

  3. When I saw the trailer that shows the POV from Han’s holster, I first thought: GALLANDRO!

    Instead of coming up with original material, I wish the studio would take a closer look at some of the books out there. Some aren’t the greatest, but there are a few that could easily be turned into movies.

    It wouldn’t surprise me with Kenobi is some elements of Jude Watson’s Last of the Jedi books. Okay, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was completely ignored.

  4. I want a movie that flashes back and forth between Clone Wars and post-ROTS.

    As Obi-Wan remembers how he couldn’t save Duchess Satine (Charlize Theron) from Maul and Vizla, he tries to save Padme (Natalie Portman – who’s death was faked), and Leia, from Vader who Kenobi has just discovered, via Bail Organa. JarJar saves Leia, but dies.

    The end fight is with Maul, who dies as in Rebels, but Obi-Wan fails, Padme is killed, but Vader doesn’t realize. Obi-Wan goes back determined to protect Luke.

    The romance chemistry is between Obi-Wan and Satine, as in Clone Wars. The Death Watch Mandalorian Army is featured.

    Live-action Sabine helps Obi-Wan vs Death Watch.

    Perhaps he learns Duchess Satine hid a daughter of his, with Bo Katan, her sister. She later marries Luke and is Rey’s possible mother (though I prefer Leia).