Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Second Trailer


This new look at Star Wars Rebels season 4 offers familiar faces, new starfighters, jetpacks, and so much more. From the look of this trailer, the final season of Rebels is going to be intense.

The final season of Star Wars Rebels starts Monday, October 16th on Disney XD!


  1. I haven't seen the 4-second trailer, :p but this one was great. Very interesting character interactions, nice action scenes. I think ending the series with this season is the right decision, despite how I'd like to see it continue. Wonder if they'll do another animated series soon.

  2. If this isn't disconcerting I don't know what is. New episodes of the last season of Rebels will premiere Mondays at 12:30 AM EST starting on October 16th. Kind of reminds me of Disney's bungling of Power Rangers. Fun times getting up at 4 AM just to catch the new episode.:rolleyes:

    Only saving grace is that Rebels episodes will rerun at 3:00 AM, 7:30 AM, 5:30 PM and 9:00 PM.

  3. JediTricks

    Oh geez, that's a horrible time. It's a burn-off.

    That said, they've never done 4 reruns in a week, much less a day.

    Indeed, burn-off. At the moment of this post there isn't tangible evidence of this, but current rumblings around are that Disney might be planning on airing two new episodes back-to-back each week. So we may only be looking at an 8 week run for the entire season.