‘The Last Jedi’ Now Opening To $220M: How Disney Continues To Win With The ‘Star Wars’ Franchise


Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi had a fantastic Saturday drawing an estimated $64M per industry figures as of this morning, which ranks as the fourth best ever after Jurassic World ($69.6M), The Avengers ($69.55M), and Star Wars: Force Awakens ($68.3M).

Technically speaking, Last Jedi‘s business isn’t frontloaded: If you back out the $45M out of Friday’s $104.8M, Saturday’s ticket sales are actually up over Friday ($59.8M) by 7%. This puts the Rian Johnson-directed sequel at a weekend opening of $220M according to Disney which is still the second best ever behind Force Awakens’ $247.966M. Industry figures are around $219M for the weekend.

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  1. May 86 is when I naturally assumed (as a kid) that the next adventure for Luke Skywalker would hit theaters and then that hope was treated like Charlie Brown on Halloween.

    In my classroom, I have a small CB tin from Hallmark. Inside it: "I got a rock." No one knows; well, no one KNEW about that.

    I just figured (pun ALWAYS intended on this site) if I’m going back in the past, might as well parody a Choose Your Own Adventure style. And let people know when the TLJ movies will be out for purchase.

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