Hasbro Q&A – Hasbro Pulse Con 2021 Focused


The Force Guide got to have a Q&A session with the Hasbro Star Wars Team and we focused on the reveals from the Hasbro Pulse Con 2021.


TFG: With the Black Series cantina, why design in modular options when it was limited to one per person? Might it be possible to see releases of the bar sections in other avenues? I think I caught the tail end of that earlier right when I first joined.

Patrick: Yeah, so I’ll take the first piece and then I’ll pitch it to Chris, but yeah, we’ll kind of summarize. So basically, kind of, the limit of one per person, again, when we put that product into motion a couple of years ago, just the world’s at a different place today. And so it was always the goal to have it more than one per person. But basically, where we were, given the quantities, we wanted to ensure that everyone who wanted one, got one. But we are certainly—as with everything where we know that there’s demand out there—we’re looking into ways to get additional quantities out there in 2022. No promises, no guarantees, but it is something we’re actively exploring. Chris, I don’t know if you want to answer the second part.

Chris: Well yeah, in regard to modularity on that, I mean, it’s something that we try to build into our playsets so that fans can reconfigure them. I think Emily showed some of the shots from the packaging at PulseCon, where you can take a set or two and reconfigure them just to kind of play out a different corner of the cantina and move some accessories around.

Patrick: I’m sorry, just so I understand, Steve, were you asking about the Black Series Tatooine cantina or the Vintage Nevarro cantina?

TFG: The Black Series.

Chris: Oh, the Black Series. Oh, sorry, I got my wires crossed.

Patrick: So many cantinas in the Star Wars world.

TFG: Where they’re going with this, because of the modularity and the limited release, those two combined made it difficult for fans.

Chris: Yeah, it…

Patrick: So I think the other part, Chris, were there plans to reuse that in the future?

Chris: And this was one I think you missed a little earlier. There’s not current plans for it, but like with other things, we want to leave that option open. Is there a way for us to bring that, something that makes sense?

TFG: Regarding the recent pipeline reveals of the Black Series and Vintage Collection Figrin D’an, the big question is will he come with only his instrument, include more instruments, or some alternative method so collectors can fill out the whole band?

Patrick: So, we are aware that the desire for the full band is out there, and we’re exploring how to accomplish that. You know, obviously, just like we said for deluxe figures, we couldn’t do—certainly not six figures with all the instruments—but even one figure and all six instruments in a single release. And that wouldn’t necessarily be the most efficient way to get that out there. So, we’re exploring ways to get the full band out there, even if it’s not in the single mainline release.

TFG: The HasLab Black Series rancor, aside from the obvious scale and articulation advantages, what would this provide collectors that the existing 3 3/4” rancor does not?

Chris: A giant creature. Seriously, he’s scaled for the Black Series figures. The 3 3/4” rancor

is not a rancor to a Black Series figure. Well, he is, but he’s more of a little baby rancor when you put him next to those guys. So this one’s full-on, for Black Series scale, and just beautifully huge.

Patrick: I think probably since it’s a HasLab project, a certain level of premium as well, right, Chris?

Chris: Yeah. Plans for what the deco can be on him, and just articulation in general, it’s lightyears beyond the 3 3/4” one. And I think you guys saw just, like, the fingers articulating and stuff in those images and video. It’s extra special, for sure.

TFG: The Black Series has experimented with deluxe figures such as Boba Fett, Wrecker, and now we’re getting Cobb Vanth. These deluxe figures haven’t always done great at market, with buyers struggling to find the value, especially in examples like Moloch and Jar Jar. Cobb Vanth has a lot of advanced deco, but photos suggest he comes with considerably fewer accessories than the deluxe Boba Fett, even though Vanth has reused some parts from that set. When they aren’t massive characters, what does Hasbro want fans to see as the value in these normal-sized figures sold at deluxe price points?

Patrick: We touched on this a bit earlier as well. But basically, the deluxe figures are anything we just can’t do in main line, and Cobb Vanth wouldn’t exist if we didn’t have that deluxe line, and it’s because of his deco. In Black Series and Vintage, in and of themselves, compared to our more kid-focused lines, like in some cases Vintage might be the same size or so, but it’s got the deco, it has the soft goods, it has the articulation. It’s not just the size. It has the other things that make it a more screen-accurate character. So that’s kind of the value in Cobb Vanth is that… I guess, theoretically, we could have put a main line version that had the deco greatly reduced, but that wouldn’t have been screen-accurate, and we don’t think that’s something our fans would want. So, the value there is in the deco.

TFG: With the Rebel Fleet Trooper build-up four-pack, at present the set seems to be only available in the US, Canada, and the UK. Will this set be made available to collectors in other international markets?

Patrick: So, the short answer is yes. It’s available through ShopDisney in all those markets that have ShopDisney. I think that’s in the EU, certainly. I believe, potentially, other markets as well. And I specifically confirmed that the EU will be getting availability later this year and into 2022. Again, with the world where it is, it’s hard to nail down exactly when those things are coming, but quantities of those items are definitely coming to the EU.

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