Gentle Giant Ltd.’s Premier Guild Ends the Year With a Star Wars Fan Vote!

Who will be the Gentle Giant Ltd. fan-choice Star Wars mini-bust for 2022-2023?

Today, the Premier Guild vote opens on four fan-favorite characters, but only one will be made for the new membership year!

This year’s nominations include:

  • Mon Mothma
  • Orrimaarko (Pruneface)
  • Barada
  • AT-ST Driver

The vote will continue through June 20, so log in to your Premier Guild account and place your vote today! The winner will be announced the week of June 21, so be on the lookout for the results, and get ready to renew on July 1 for the new year!

Not a Premier Guild member? There’s still time to sign up, place your vote and get your free gift!

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