Topps 2022 Star Wars 206 – Wave 1

Topps is proud to present Star Wars T206!

Look for all your favorite Star Wars characters, including exclusive starfield-colored parallels, in this historic set. This exclusive set offers collectors a product that looks and feels like the trading cards constructed in the early days of the hobby. Product is available from Sep 13, 2022 and expires on Oct 04, 2022.


• 10 cards per pack

• 8 base cards, 2 parallel or chase cards

Standard Parallel Breakout:

• Blue Star Field (Two per pack, or one plus an additional parallel/Insert)

• Star Wars Logo backs (1:3)

• Orange Star Field (1:5)

• Green Star Field (1:10)

• Yellow Star Field (1:15)

• Red Star Field (1:20)

• Home world Inserts (1:30)

• Black Star Field (numbered to 1)

• Alternate Character Image Short print

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