Jazwares’ Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron Series III

StarWars.com has revealed the upcoming Jazwares Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron Series III vehicles and characters!

Launched in 2022, Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron calls back to fan-favorite lines of old with small-scale vehicles and characters, putting them literally in the palm of your hand. It’s the perfect size for armada building, and Jazwares has wasted little time in exploring the saga’s various eras with releases that appeal to fans of all generations, from Mando and the Razor Crest to Luke Skywalker and his X-wing. And the line is about to expand.

Visit StarWars.com for the full article and more photos.

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  1. I absolutely love the ships in this line but the line itself is driving me nuts! The company doesn’t seem to do all that great of a job at letting collectors know what’s out there (did you know there was a Boonta Eve themed set with two podracers? I didn’t until I found it on eBay and I have no idea where it originally retailed!). Distribution seems to be a disaster as well. I haven’t been able to find anything online (that’s not eBay) past wave one and good luck finding much of anything on the pegs at your local big box brick and mortar.

    Even worse is all these chase figures. When it was a holographic TIE, I could pass without heartburn. When it was Blue Leader’s X-Wing, I was bummed but could deal. But when it was Ahsoka or Ayala Secura’s Jedi starfighters, it’s a different story. I’m trying to bring my kids into the hobby and to foster a love of Star Wars but when you’ve gotta pay $60+ dollars a ship on eBay to secure your daughter’s two favorite characters…. Ouch. I don’t even get the point of these chase figures anyway. The retailers sell them at the same price as everything else, the only ones who make a killing on them are the scalpers. Why would a toy company encourage that? And why do they make entirely new sculpts chase figures? Outlander TIE and Grievous’ ship required all-new tooling. Why invest all that just to whip up the 15,000 items and retire the tool? Unless this is all a gimmick we’ll see most of the chase ships come around again in a multipack or some other way so that it’s not a straight re-release but people who want it can still get it? That seems like it would be pretty crappy to; making people rebuy some stuff they already have just to get the one thing they wanted but couldn’t get before.

    1. It has been tough finding newer items, for sure. I have reached out to Jazwares to discuss their product release announcements in hopes the communication flows to fan sites. I will also try to get some of your other concerns addressed with them.

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