Mando Maia: The Mandalorian’s Paz Vizsla Mini-Bust Revealed, and More!

Plus, Cad Bane joins Hasbro’s The Vintage Collection and other product highlights from LEGO Star Wars and select fashion lines.

Celebrate Season 3 of The Mandalorian with “Mando Mania” — weekly reveals and spotlights of new and bestselling toys, apparel, and more inspired by all things Mandalorian.

All hail the House of Vizsla!

This week, Mando Mania debuts a first look at Gentle Giant’s Paz Vizsla mini-bust and Cad Bane’s arrival in Hasbro’s Star Wars: The Vintage Collection, as well as highlighting products from other licensees including the LEGO Group, Girl’s Crew, and more.

1. Paz Vizsla 1/6 Scale Mini-Bust by Gentle Giant Ltd.

The descendant of many great leaders, Paz Vizsla is a heavily armed, heavily armored Mandalorian. Limited to only 3,000 pieces, this 6-inch-tall mini-bust is inspired by the character’s appearance in The Mandalorian.

2. Cad Bane – Star Wars: The Vintage Collection by Hasbro

From the desert comes a stranger…to your toy shelf. The Duros bounty hunter has been revealed, and will soon join the 3.75-inch scale line, based on the character’s appearance in The Book of Boba Fett.

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3. Grogu Cuff Links by Cufflinks

The tiny star of The Mandalorian sits in the center of these cufflinks, surrounded by the Mandalorian creed: “This is the Way.”

4. The Mandalorian’s N-1 Starfighter Microfighter by LEGO

Join the Mandalorian and Grogu in their N-1 starfighter microfighter. With Din Djarin at the controls and Grogu behind the cockpit, launch your adventure! 

5. “This is the Way” Stud Set by Girl’s Crew

Venture the galaxy with the Mandalorian and Grogu in an adorable chain and ear cuff look along with the iconic Darksaber and the N-1 starfighter in earring form.


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