Disney Droid Factory (Hasbro) C1-MNST4 Figure

At the droid factory on Coruscant, nothing goes to waste. Parts of old droids that were destroyed in battle, left in the dust on Tatooine, or met some other galactic mishap, are reconfigured to create new droids.

Inspired by the Star Wars saga, this C1-MNST4 droid figure brings one of those reconstructed robots to life. With retractable arms, booster rockets, variant motivators and more, this little guy may not be the flashiest droid in the galaxy, but he was created with optimum performance, as well as ultimate fun and collectibility, in mind. Magic in the details

  • Fully sculpted droid figure
  • Retractable arms and wheel
  • Collect all the Star Wars Droid Factory figures, each sold separately
  • Inspired by the Star Wars saga

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